Publish Date: 25 August 2022

How to Avoid Losing Items When Moving

Consider the prospect of having to relocate. After the excitement has subsided and you’re ready to start opening boxes, you discover that you misplaced something of great value. If the item belongs to a loved one, this might be a devastating and horrible realisation.

Whether movers lose boxes or a valuable possession was crammed into unfamiliar boxes at the last minute, the risk that something will go missing seems huge.

You can do many things to reduce loss if you pause, take a step back, inhale deeply, and think rationally about your next move. How then can the secret of perfectly accounted-for moving be unravelled? It’s all about organising.

#1 – Create a List

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a long, detailed list will make. Create a huge master list of everything that you’re bringing with you. You can do this as you pack.
While you go room to room, create an inventory of everything you packed. Another thing you want to do is add on where you packed items. The more detailed and organised this list is, the less chance you might lose stuff.

#2 – Label anything and anything

On each box, mark the room where the item will be placed in your new house. Do this on the top and sides of your packages as an extra precaution. Your things may be delicate, so use arrows to indicate “This side up.” If you’re very paranoid, you may even write “fragile” on the box to alert the movers that it contains breakable items. It is also helpful to note what is in the box. Thus, you will know where section of the room item will be placed.

#3 – One room at a time, pack

Packing one room at a time is a fantastic strategy to guarantee that nothing is lost, even though this will make the packing process seem to drag on forever and be a hassle.

When you are not pacing from room to room, you are less likely to lose an item or place it in the incorrect box. It is much simpler to mark your packages if you focus on a particular room before moving on.

#4 – Utilise Ziplock bags

You know what is irritating? Arriving at your new residence only to discover that you left a small piece of furniture behind. You can no longer assemble that chair since you misplaced one of the legs. Use ziplock bags for little goods that you could drop without realizing. In addition to working with furniture, you can also store your technological wires there. No longer will you lose your TV cables or phone charger.

#5 – Mind your technological devices

With all the gadgets and technologies in our life, including computers, TVs, gaming systems, and music-streaming devices, there are several ways to misplace their power (and other) cables during a move. Place the wires in a bag. For each item, obtain a zip-top bag and place the relevant cords inside. Then attach the bag directly to your television, stereo, or anything. Thus, you will know precisely where everything is when you reassemble your belongings after the relocation.

#6 – Do not place personal belongings on the Moving Truck

Even if you have complete faith in the moving company you’re using, you do not want to load your personal things into the truck. Never knowing what may occur, it is wise to have photo albums and essential documents with you. Keep your extra cash and critical documents with you at all times. Imagine if you lost your birth certificate.

#7 – Do not put perishable items and chemicals in the moving truck

Alcohol, fertilisers, gardening chemicals, unsealed meals, perishable foods, and fuel are prohibited products you cannot transport on the moving Truck. If you are unsure what can be loaded into the Truck, consult with the company beforehand.

#8 – Do not sign for delivery until all items are present

Before signing the inventory form certifying that all your possessions have been delivered, verify that all your items have been delivered. Do not allow the delivery driver to hurry you through this procedure. If you sign the paperwork before confirming everything is present, it will be difficult to file a claim if you discover that a box of your valuable china is missing.

#9 – Get Insurance

This is the most crucial phase in the relocation procedure. The usual compensation provided to movers for lost and damaged goods is known as Released Value Protection, which covers sixty cents per pound and item. You may purchase Entire Worth Protection for an extra fee, which requires them to reimburse you for the item’s total value, replace it with the same thing, or provide you with an item of comparable value.

#10 – Research

Before choosing a moving service, you should research moving companies extensively. Examine internet reviews to obtain a sense of the service’s quality. Also, get referrals from family and friends.

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