Publish Date: 13 April 2023

Trixity Trails is a popular scavenger hunt platform that offers self-guided city tours with a twist. It provides interactive and immersive scavenger hunts that allow you to explore a city while solving clues and completing challenges.

Here’s the complete guide to planning the perfect self-guided city tour with Trixity Trails.

Step 1: Visit the Trixity Trails Website

Start by visiting the Trixity Trails website on your phone or desktop.

Step 2: Choose a Trail

Trixity Trails offers a variety of trails in different cities around Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Browse through the available options and choose a trail that interests you. Trails are typically themed and may focus on history, art, culture or other aspects of the city. Read the trail descriptions and choose a trail that aligns with your interests and preferences.

Step 3: Purchase the Trail

Once you’ve chosen a trail, you’ll need to purchase it within the website. Trails are typically available for a small fee and you can make the payment using a credit card or other available payment methods. Once the trail is purchased, it will be accessible within your account for the duration of your trail.

Step 4: Review the Instructions

Before starting the trail, review the instructions provided. Trixity Trails typically provides a brief overview of the trail, along with instructions on how to complete the challenges and solve the clues. Familiarise yourself with the rules and guidelines to ensure a smooth experience.

Step 5: Start the Trail

You’re all set to start your self-guided city tour with Trixity Trails. Follow the trail on a mobile phone, which will guide you to different locations in the city. As you reach each location, you’ll be prompted to solve a clue or complete a challenge to progress to the next step.

Step 6: Explore the City

As you complete the challenges and move from one location to another, take the time to explore the city around you. Trixity Trails is designed to take you to interesting and noteworthy places, allowing you to learn about the city’s history, culture and attractions. Take photos, interact with locals, and immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere.

Step 7: Enjoy the Interactive Experience

One of the unique aspects of Trixity Trails is the interactive experience it offers. Embrace the challenge of solving clues and completing tasks, and have fun with the interactive elements of the trail.

Step 8: Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Self-guided city tours can be physically demanding, so remember to take breaks and stay hydrated. Plan for pit stops at cafes, parks, or other points of interest along the way. Stay mindful of your own well-being and pace yourself to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Step 9: Capture Memories

Just like any other city tour, don’t forget to capture memories of your self-guided tour with Trixity Trails. Take photos and record video to document your experience. Share your adventures with friends and family, and relive the memories once you’re back home.

Step 10: Follow Local Rules and Guidelines

While on your self-guided city tour with Trixity Trails, it’s important to follow local rules and guidelines. Respect the local culture, obey traffic laws, and be mindful of any specific instructions provided on the trail.

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