Publish Date: 16 August 2022

Reflective Line Marking Benefits

The installation of reflective Gold Coast Line Marking assists vehicles in following road directions and avoiding collisions at night, when ordinary, non-reflective lines may be difficult to see. It’s possible that the majority of motorists have at one point or another had trouble seeing road lines during adverse weather, low light levels, or at night.

Not being able to see the road lines can be hazardous if you are unfamiliar with a specific route, but it can also be a major issue if you travel that road daily. Reflective line marking has become popular and why authorities and vehicle park owners are beginning to invest in these safety alternatives.

As its name suggests, reflective line marking reflects or ricochets the light from your car’s headlights back towards you, significantly enhancing the visibility of road lines. This implies that as long as your headlights are on in low-light settings, you should be able to see the road markings well.

However, road lines do more than simply assist you to stay in your lane; they also warn you of potential hazards, such as spots where you must slow down or halt, and lead you to alternative lanes depending on your route. You can no longer drive safely on the road if you cannot see the road markings properly. If you find yourself in such a position, it is preferable to pull over and wait until the weather improves and it is safe to drive again.

Reflective line markings may be manufactured from paint, thermoplastic, and epoxy resin, making them a very adaptable product. They are typically used in accident-prone regions, dark tunnels, steep bends, and pedestrian crossings and have been shown to be a highly effective road safety measure.

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