Publish Date: 6 October 2022

If you know a few facts about the tutoring profession, choosing a tutor for your child won’t be as challenging.

Anyone may advertise as a tutor in Australia because the industry is unregulated. Given the present context, which has witnessed a growth in the number of tutors, especially online, this is a serious issue.

Many see tutoring as a simple option to earn additional cash, especially if it can be done from home. Some of these instructors will be outstanding, but others probably won’t cut it. How do you choose which one is preferable to the others? Here are some of the common mistakes parents make when choosing a tutor.

Choosing based only on price

There is always a rationale behind a tutor’s rate being set at a particular amount. The tutor may be unskilled or untrained if the fee is on the lower end, and they may have little background in teaching or tutoring, resulting in a poor tutoring session. In addition, paying a premium price does not guarantee excellent service. An instructor may believe they deserve a high pay rate based on their credentials.

However, you may be squandering your money if they lack expertise in the Australian educational system and an understanding of the Australian Curriculum. The best tutors have both tutoring and teaching experience and a thorough knowledge of The Australian Curriculum.

Hiring a tutor without a background in Primary Years Education

Developing literacy and numeracy abilities is a complicated process in the primary years. Only a tutor with experience in primary school will understand how and in what order these skills develop. Even if someone is proficient in Math or English, they may not be acceptable tutors for primary school students, especially if these students are failing academically.

You are not getting your child’s opinion after demo classes

One of the worst things you can do is leave out your child’s real-time feedback. You will probably have to try out many private tutors before choosing one. Make sure you have a detailed conversation with your ward after each session. Ask him about big ideas to see if the tutor did an excellent job of explaining the basics.

The worst thing you could do is not carefully look into how your child will act, feel, and think around a tutor. Your child will spend the most important hours of the day with the tutor. Children don’t always open up about a tutor or overthink about them in the first one or two sessions. It’s up to the parents to break through the barrier.

Giving in to peer pressure and issues of prestige

Many parents feel like they have to send their kids to well-known tutors. Most of these well-known private tutors either charge a lot or have a lot of students in their classes. When friends and family brag about the tutors they hire, it can put too much pressure on a parent. In this case, parents need to know that each child is different.

Your child should be able to learn from a private tutor. Remember that how good of a parent you are doesn’t depend on how well-known the tutor you hire is.

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