Publish Date: 17 October 2022

Solar Pool Heater Guide

A swimming pool is a good investment for many people who Australia. They are the best way to cool off during the hot summers and get friends and family to come to your house. Unfortunately, these beloved home features lose their appeal once summer is over and aren’t thought about again until spring and summer. That is why solar pool heaters are the best solution for homeowners to ensure that their swimming pools are still in demand even when it’s cold outside.

Every solar pool heater significantly contributes to the year-round functionality of your swimming pool. Whether you maximize the solar heating of your pool relies on the type and amenities you choose. Below, we will examine the most critical elements to consider before purchasing solar pool heating, answer any concerns you may have, and eventually assist you in selecting the ideal manufacturer and model for your pool.

A solar pool heater uses the sun’s natural radiation to heat your pool. Solar swimming pool heaters are operated similarly to conventional rooftop solar panels, but they collect and distribute solar energy in distinctive ways.

How to Choose the Right Solar Pool Heater

Many different kinds of solar pool heaters are available, not all of which are convertible or even similar. Some are designed to heat above-ground pools, while others can handle the heating needs of larger in-ground pools. Some are less expensive but lack features such as being able to adjust the temperature of your pool, while others cost more but provide you greater control over the temperature.

Pool Dimensions and Design

Many different solar pool heating systems may safely heat both above- and below-ground pools. However, the water heating capabilities of many heaters seem to favour one kind over the other. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that your solar pool heater is suitable for your pool.

In the same vein, not every solar heater you come across will be an effective means of heating your particular pool. For instance, a solar heating system that is inadequate for a big pool will take too long to reach the desired temperature. A solar heater made for a large pool will operate too rapidly to heat a small pool, resulting in water that is too hot to swim in.

Effectivity of Heaters

Some solar pool heaters are more effective than others in warming pool water. Some heaters may increase the temperature of a whole pool by as much as six degrees Celsius and can warm thousands of gallons of water in a single installation day. Conversely, less efficient versions may only raise your water temperature by three degrees.

Before committing to a solar pool heating device, it is crucial to determine your needs. A solar pool heater will be accessible to meet your needs, whether you want a sauna-like experience in even the coldest weather or something more understated.

Simple Setup Procedures

The difficulty of setting up a top-quality solar pool heater is a major drawback. Unfortunately, many solar heaters on the market are too hard for do-it-yourself technicians because of the need for specialized equipment or installation. That is why you need a reliable company for pool maintenance. Less effective and less complicated solar heaters are available for people who want to manage the installation themselves.


The cost to keep a pool heated all year long is significant, and the price of a solar pool heater varies widely across different models. Durable, high-efficiency solar heaters cost more than their less effective counterparts. The price of a premium heater might reach five figures, while some budget heaters are about $1,000. You may use a less efficient but more affordable heater to keep your pool warm without breaking the bank.

The factors above contribute to the quality of a pool heater, but what is the best solar pool heater that meets all criteria? As previously said, not every solar heater is suitable for every pool size and design. That is why it is always advisable to talk to pool maintenance and services experts when you plan to buy a solar pool heater and Peachy Pools is always happy to help you out!

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