Publish Date: 19 February 2024

If you’re like me, you know that choosing the right after school care program for your child is a big deal. It’s all about finding a place where your little one can have fun, learn, and stay safe while you’re at work or handling other responsibilities. In this blog, I want to share what you can expect from after school care in Canberra based on my own experience and research.

Structured Activities

One thing I’ve noticed about after school care programs in Canberra is that they offer a bunch of cool activities for the kids. Think arts and crafts, games, sports, and outdoor play. These activities aren’t just fun – they help kids learn new stuff, get creative, and make friends.

Homework Help

Another great thing about after school care is that they often help kids with their homework. It’s a relief knowing that there are qualified staff members around to lend a hand with those tricky math problems or spelling words. Plus, it means less stress for both me and my child when we get home.

Nutritious Snacks

After a busy day at school, my kid is always hungry when they get to after school care. That’s why I love that they provide nutritious snacks. It’s not just about filling up their tummies – it’s about giving them the energy they need to play and learn.

Outdoor Fun

One of the things my kid loves most about after school care is getting to play outside. They have access to playgrounds and sports fields where they can run around and burn off energy. It’s great knowing that they’re getting fresh air and staying active after being cooped up in the classroom all day.

Safety First

Of course, safety is my number one concern when it comes to after school care. That’s why I appreciate that the staff are trained to keep an eye on the kids and respond to any emergencies. Plus, the facilities have strict safety measures in place to make sure everyone stays safe.

As a Canberra parent, finding the right after school care program for my child has been a game-changer. From structured activities and homework help to nutritious snacks and outdoor play, after school care offers so many benefits for kids. It’s a relief knowing that my child is in good hands while I’m at work, and I’m grateful for the opportunities they have to learn, grow, and have fun.

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