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Laurel Clinical | Gold Coast & Northern New South Wales Vein Clinic
76 napper road Parkwood Gold Coast QLD 4214

a step towards lightness

Pindara Day Procedure Centre
13 Carrara Street Benowa Gold Coast QLD 4217

Our philosophy and mission is to provide the best health care service possible.

Varsity Lakes Medical Practice
201 Varsity Parade Varsity Lakes Gold Coast QLD 4227

Patient care is our priority

Gold Coast Medical Precinct
15-21 Lake Street Varsity Lakes Gold Coast QLD 4227

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Doctor Advice & FAQs

An excellent and caring GP could be one of the most important people in your circle, especially if you have a prolonged condition or formulate a critical illness.

As a result, creating a favorable ongoing relationship with your GP is definitely worth the time and effort, thus it's very important that you select the correct one.

The very best doctors do more than just diagnose – they should coordinate your complete healthcare, sending you for the right tests and to the right specialists. They'll help you stay healthier and limit unnecessary hospital visits.

Finding a Doctor

Are you looking for a new doctor? Then it’s time to start looking around your area.

Our best advice for finding a doctor includes:

  • Get suggestions from your family, friends or neighbours.
  • Ask a local pharmacist or other medical professionals who have dealings with doctors in the area.

Now that you’ve decided on a list of suitable doctors, start by making an appointment to visit their practice and get a feel for their suitability towards your situation.

Where are they located?

You need to consider the practice location and whether you need one closer to home or work.

When are they open?

The opening hours of the practice are important, especially if you have a condition that’s hard to predict or happens after hours. So in this case, look for a Doctor with extended hours.

In general, a medical centre will be a better option for extended hours as they have more staff and can cater to more people. However, you may not see the same doctor every time.

Furthermore, if you’re urgently needing a prescription or have another medical need, visiting a 24 hour medical centre could be the best option. Of course, you’ll need to let your Doctor know about what type of medication you were given.

Do they do home visits?

Another key factor in choosing a local Doctor is whether they provide home visits.

Can they speak any other languages?

If you’ve come to Australia from another country and don’t feel confident in your English, it may be worth looking for a Doctor that can speak your language.

Do they have Male and female GPs?

Some people prefer to see a doctor with the same gender. So you could check the practice’s website if they have an our team or our staff page to see who currently works there.

Is the premises clean?

Look for practice that keeps their rooms spotless and neat. Also, if you’re bringing young children, make sure they have some type of playful equipment, such as toys or colouring books.

Do they provide adequate practice information?

In the waiting room, make sure they have plenty of brochures or posters about certain practice information or just general medical information. This shows they’re aware of important public health. Meanwhile, the brochures should show they’re transparent about fees or any other important notes about their practice that you should know about.

Do they have any special qualifications?

Check if any of the doctors employed at the practice have any special qualifications that will help your situation. Such as a Doctor with a diploma in obstetrics or paediatrics will be useful for women looking to have a child.

What’s their Accreditation?

The Australian General Practice Accreditation (AGPAL) and General Practice Australia (GPA) are two examples of organisations that rate local Doctors based on a review standard.

If a practice has been accredited, you’ll usually find a logo on their website or brochures.

How does Billing work?

Another key consideration is how the billing system works. For example, do they provide a bulk-billing service? In some cases, you can also receive a discount for paying upfront. It could also cost more for a weekend appointment.

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