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Removalist Advice & FAQs

Moving can be a difficult time, so planning thoughtfully will lower your stress levels!

Finding a Removalist

When choosing a removalist service, make sure you:

  • Browse around and assess quotes
  • Find reviews on their website, social media or Google
  • Search their business name on the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

Cost / Quote Tips

  • What is or isn’t included in the price (such as packing and unpacking)
  • Is the quote based on the time it takes or the number of items?
  • How they determine the cost of the journey from start until end
  • Are there any extra costs for storage if there’s a delay on moving day
  • Is there any surcharge costs for using a credit card or debit card
  • Do they need an upfront payment?*

*Upfront payments can be high-risk, attempt to find a local removalist that doesn’t need one.

Moving Day

When it’s time to move, safeguard yourself by carrying out the following:

  • Develop a spreadsheet or make note of everything the removals will be moving, making sure to note any nicks or scratches
  • Take photos of your inventory and boxes
  • Label fragile items or glass items that require extra care to move around with a fragile or similar label
  • Place a number on each box and item.

The Contract Agreement

Make sure you’ve understood and read the full contract before providing a signature. This will help you work out:

  • What location or address and which date they’ll pick up and deliver? (watch out for removalists that don’t guarantee delivery on a specific date)
  • What’s included in the contract and the exact details of the services provided?
  • What happens if something has gone missing from the inventory of goods?
  • Will insurance cover any damages or missing items caused by the removalist?
  • Does the contract include packing and unpacking?

Selecting Insurance

For extra security, paying for insurance can be ideal for most situations. This can cover any potential issues that may arise while moving, such as contents, transit and replacements. In general, most removal companies will provide insurance for their vehicle if there’s an accident. However, this won’t cover your items and this is where insurance is worth it.

When looking for Insurance, we recommend the following:

  • Look around for quotes that provide a similar type of cover
  • Make sure the insurance covers the replacement value for your goods
  • Check if your policy covers both damages and losses 
  • See if there’s an excess and how much.
  • Receive a copy of the policy and read the terms and conditions (do this before you move)

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